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A Financial Literacy Book for Children Written by Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

It's Mali's sixth birthday and she's excited! As more and more guests arrive, so do more and more gifts. But when her presents start to push her guests out of the house, Mali has to learn some important lessons about the things that matter most.

Mali, along with her Mom, Dad, little brother Malcolm, and her pet bunny Winnie make for a fun and educational reading experience for both kids and adults. 
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Why Mali More Matters

Early financial education allows children to develop a healthy relationship with money, which leads to becoming a financially responsible adult. 

Happy Birthday Mali More is a beautifully illustrated book and is the first in its series. Through its main character, Mali, it teaches children pre-financial education lessons like math, counting, numbers, matching, rhyming, less vs. more, giving, sharing, service and community.
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